Our story - Hotel Can Pocovi

Our story

More than a hotel, a story to tell...

Entering Can Pocoví is a journey through time. This house with an invaluable legacy was built in 1902 by Mallorcan people, who were responsible for capturing the essence of their roots in every corner of the building. Later, it was acquired by the Pocoví family who lived there for many years. It was an emblematic house in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, as Barbara Ferrer Pocoví was the school’s director and her husband Jordi Pont Salas the village’s practitioner. Hundreds of “Llorencins” visited the reception of the home to get vaccinated, to get medicines and to greet the school’s director and thank her for her institutional work with traditional gifts.

This house has always stood out among the others because of the unmistakable yellow blinds that highlight its facade and because of the interior garden that is the only one in the whole village and remains intact over time.

The family atmosphere of the house demanded to share that calm, warmth and tradition that characterizes it and was reformed to become the first Boutique Hotel with a cantilevered pool in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar.

Currently, the house maintains its initial style and materials and the reform has been a challenge due to the difficulty of preserving the old elements.

Our story - Hotel Can Pocovi
Our story - Hotel Can Pocovi

The terrace and the cantilevered pool are now the elements that stand out the most and have been an architectural challenge. For this reason, the hydraulic mosaic has been raised to house a structure of more than 40 m2 of underground reinforced concrete on which the steel pillars that reinforce the upper part where the pool rests are located.

This emblematic house, built with history and feeling, opens its doors in 2020 with a renewed spirit to offer its clients a unique experience that only the authentic Mallorca can provide.